Megan Van Aelst,
Certified Birth Doula
 Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator

Serving families in all 
Central Ohio area hospitals

​Here are some quotes from my former doula clients. If you would also like a referral to speak personally with a few of the families I have supported, please let me know and I can provide that information. Thank you!
Melanie (first time mother)
"I was able to meet my goal of delivering a natural birth thanks to the training, education, and support of Megan. My husband was also a highly supportive birth partner, with pain management techniques in his back pocket, as a result of Megan's labor training. Finally when my labor progressed so quickly and unexpectedly, Megan acted calmly under fire to help get us to the hospital in time to deliver. I would highly recommend Megan for any expecting parents. Hiring Megan was the best decision we made in our pregnancy!

Katie (first time mother)
"Megan helped us have the delivery we wanted! We had several concerns going into delivery and Megan helped us with each and every one of them, allowing us to have medication-free delivery where we could focus on working together to bring our daughter into the world. At every turn, Megan was there helping us. We felt so blessed to have found her and have had her be part of our birth experience - it would have been a completely different story without her."

Frances (first time mother)
"Hiring Megan was one of the best things we did to prepare for the birth of our son. We could not imagine our birth story without her. Her presence and support made us feel like we had assembled the best team possible for our labor and delivery."

Gabrielle (first time mother)
"I don't know where to start. I can't say enough good things about Megan! As soon as I met her, I immediately felt comfortable. She has a warm, calming presence, just what is needed during birth. And her labor techniques for "getting baby in the perfect position" were amazing. My husband and I took a 12 week Bradley Method class, but felt her techniques and assistance were more helpful during labor. More than that Megan helped me have the confidence in myself and my own strength to birth my son naturally. Most women today fear childbirth because of what they see on TV and in the movies. But it doesn't have to be like that! Our bodies were meant to do this and what we need is love and support to help us through the process. We had an amazing birth and we attribute that mostly to the love and support Megan gave us. She was awesome! Her fee was the best money we ever spent!"

Ashley (first time mother)
" I couldn't imagine my birth without Megan! She was such a pleasure to work with and get to know on a personal level. My husband had no idea what a doula was prior to my pregnancy and he still talks about the dedication and compassion it takes to be a doula. I would recommend Megan to anyone working to make their birth experience one to remember!"

Brandi (first time mother)
"I can't imagine my birth without Megan's support. From the pre-labor visits and just helping me feel prepared, to the awesome pain control support, to the support she provided to my husband during my long labor, everything was amazing. Megan not only assisted in the birth of my daughter, she helped to birth a mother."

Claire (first time mother)
"Even though unexpected things happened during the birth of our daughter, Megan helped to make her birth a peaceful, memorable experience."

Jake (first time father)
"Megan was a great doula, and a big help. We would definitely refer to any of our friends who want a natural birth."

Kristine (second time mother)
"I was hesitant about using a doula because I was on my second baby (did not use one on my first) and I was told I would have to have another C-section. I assumed that because I wouldn't labor that I didn't need a doula. I am glad that I hired Megan anyway! She was an essential member of the "team" that made my second C-section a beautiful experience. With her support I got to experience a wonderful delivery and the calming euphoria of motherhood! I will never forget my experience and will ALWAYS recommend Megan to any other mother!

Emily (first time mother)
"From the very beginning, Megan provided enormous value with informative and empowering pre-natal sessions. With her support, I had all the confidence I needed to head into my labor with strength and resolve. Her techniques and advice for navigation through a successful labor were invaluable and allowed me to channel my energy on helping my beautiful little girl join this world. I could never thank her enough and highly recommend her. 

Deepa (first time mother)
Hiring Megan as our doula was the best thing we ever did! She was compassionate, "open minded", supportive, and available for all of our questions before the big day. She connected us to resources (books, websites, practitioners, etc.) that completely transformed our experience in pregnancy and birth- for the better! During labor, Megan was incredible and seemed to intuitively know what I needed when I needed it. If I were to do it all over again, I wouldn't change a thing. I would highly recommend Megan to anyone seeking a clam, empowering, and incredible pregnancy and birth experience! 

Katie (first time mother)
​"Megan was brought on board to help ease my fear of a hospital birth. The moment I met her I knew she was going to be able to do that and so much more. She made me feel strong, able, cared for, and helped me to see the beauty of birth. She was there for every contraction and never complained. She is an amazing woman!

Michelle (first time mother)
"My husband and I are so grateful for Megan's assistance both before and during labor. The pre labor visits really prepared us for the delivery process, and on the day of she was totally invaluable. I know my goal of a medication and intervention free birth happened in large part to her guidance and support of my husband and me.

Leah (first time mother)
"Hiring Megan to be our birth doula was one of the best decisions my husband and I made. Megan is extremely knowledgeable and (most importantly) kind and compassionate. She helped us achieve the birth that we were looking for. Megan helped us through the entire process including postpartum. I really can't recommend her enough. She is amazing! 

Kendra (first time mother)
"We think Megan did an awesome job! She was everywhere she needed to be, when she needed to be there. Even the midwives we chose to use enjoyed working with her! We highly recommend Megan, I plan on using her again in the future!

Diana (first time mother)
"This was my first pregnancy and my best friend helped to educate me in having a birth plan and highly recommended a doula. I took her advice and started my search for a doula. I was referred to Megan by another doula. After speaking with her on the phone I had a pretty good feeling she was the one. I met with her for breakfast and her knowledge and experience of the birthing process sealed the deal along with who she is, a mother, and a (retired) Army wife. 
Both prenatal appointments/meetings went well and I felt we were on the right path to a successful birth. Unfortunately for me my daughter decided a natural childbirth was not going to be in the plans, she was full breach and required a C-section. As I was devastated by this news, Megan reassured me that this could be a wonderful birth still and not to stress over it. She quickly helped me come up with a new birth plan and helped me to focus on what was important. 
I decided that I definitely would not give up the skin to skin and risk interfering with the "9" stages. Megan assured me not to give up this fight to get this. With her help, my persistent personality, an understanding doctor, and the great staff at Dublin Methodist, I was able to have my daughter on me bonding right away in the OR!!
The day had arrived for my scheduled C-section and Megan arrived on time and ready to be there for anything my family needed. She offered comfort and support to my husband who was a wreck the day of. She stood by my side helping were she was needed. She helped to capture our memorable moments on camera since she now had a new responsibility of being a photographer since I did not have to labor. She was truly amazing to have with us. After I got our of the OR the staff allowed her to come back to recovery and she made sure my daughter was going through all the 9 stages and finding my nipple. I had no problems breast feeding and she had no latching problems. Megan stayed with us for a while longer to ensure we were settled and that everything was going great. 
Once we arrived home she came by for a post natal visit and wrote up all the activities from the day of which I just love. 
Megan was a blessing to have as part of my birth plan she was so helpful and informative. She offered support when needed and never over stepped her bounds. She helped my family have a wonderful experience welcoming our first child to this world. I will hire her again if/when we have another child. She is worth every dollar and more for her services and support. I highly recommend Megan to be the doula in your birth plan. 

Sarah (first time mother)
"The techniques Megan taught my husband and I allowed me to have a birth without medication. I truly believe because of Megan my birth went so smoothly and I couldn't ask for anything to go differently. She was supportive and encouraging throughout the entire process and just knew what to do and what to say.

Beth (first time mother)
"As soon as we met Megan we knew we wanted her to be part of our birth. Megan's support and coaching before, during, and after delivery were invaluable. She helped both of us feel comfortable and confident with every step of the process and came to feel like a trusted friend. We can't imagine a birth without her and already know we want her to be there whenever we have a second child. We couldn't recommend Megan more highly.

Jessica (first time mother)
"Although our birth didn't happen exactly to plan, Megan helped to support aspects of our delivery that we could control. I would recommend her highly to anyone considering a doula. She was invaluable to our birth experience. 

Laura (second time mother)
"We could not be more happy with our decision to use Megan as a doula for our second birth. She was an AMAZING support for both my husband and I. Megan was always professional and has a confidence that allows you to trust her. You know from the beginning she has you and your family's best interest at heart. With our second birth we were trying for a VBAC and with Megan's knowledge and tools we were successful in achieving our goal. I recommend her to anyone as I believe she adds so much positivity to a woman's birth experience. 

Frankie (first time mother)
"We knew the moment we met Meg that she would be perfect for our doula. She's warm, welcoming and very knowledgeable right from the start. She took both my husband and my wishes, thoughts, and questions very seriously and helped us to feel comfortable and confident in our birth preferences and preparation for our little girl. Meg was incredibly helpful leading up to the birth with question and concerns I had. Despite not having the exact birth we planned, Meg made the experience a pleasurable and comfortable one with her support.

Sam (second time father)
"Megan is like 5-star concierge service for birth."

Kate (second time mother)
"Megan supported all my decisions during labor and worked well with my husband and the hospital nursing staff. She made my VBAC possible. 

Andrea (first time mother)
"Our birth experience did not go as we had planned. However, Meg made it an overall much better experience. She was calm and worked well to help me and my husband remain relaxed and anticipated both of our needs throughout labor. Induction was not a fun experience but without Meg it would have been much worse. If we ever decide to have another child we hope to have her attend our delivery. 

Deepti (first time mother)
"Megan with her calm disposition has an "aura" surrounding her. She imparts a positive energy by her presence. All you need on your D-day to get you through any kind of intense labor and birth process is your doula and of course your birth partner. You need NO birth classes or labor props- Just have Megan on your birth team!

Angela (first time mother)
"I had high levels of anxiety when thinking about labor and delivery. Hiring Megan was a wonderful decision. She is incredibly friendly, knowledgeable, and respectful of your decision-making when it comes to choosing your birth plan. She is informative, yet non-judgemental. She gave me reassurance and comfort when I needed it the most. She created an environment that allowed my husband to be very hands on, and she encouraged him to continually help me in the most difficult moments. Megan was always available to me via e-mail, phone call, text, etc and she gave of her time generously. Having a doula in the early stages of my labor and throughout my delivery was so relieving to the fear I had going into the process. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their birthing process and to feel good about the decisions they are making along the way!