Megan Van Aelst,
Certified Birth Doula
 Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator

Serving families in all 
Central Ohio area hospitals

I'm Megan and I am a certified birth doula through DONA International. I took doula training in February of 2012 and received my certification in August of 2013. I began full time doula work after training. I accept three clients per month. I am passionate about helping women and their partners achieve the birth they envision through informational, physical, and emotional support. I am excited that I have recently become a child birth educator through Lamaze International. I believe wholeheartedly that doula support amplifies the connection between a woman and her birth partner. Doulas never replace or diminish the partner's role, but work to enhance the experience. I believe that every woman deserves a doula who wants one! 

Megan's dog Soni showing her doula pride.
Megan and her family at Fort Rucker, AL during 
flight school training.  
​My passion for helping people lead me to doula work. I began my college career as a social work major but soon left to marry my high school sweetheart. Craig had joined the Army and we were stationed in Germany for the next three years, and spent time traveling to many different countries. I gave birth to our first child while my husband was deployed in Iraq. I believe that experience gave me deep appreciation for the support that woman need during labor and birth.

Our son CJ is now 24 years old and has a son of his own, Alaric, who was born this past year. Madeline is 20 years old and Amelia is 18 years old. As my children became more independent, I began working in the retail industry and enjoyed helping women. After my sister became an ordained Methodist minister, I began to feel the need to search for deeper meaning in my own life (sibling rivalry). Birth work came naturally to me through my passion for helping woman feel supported and well informed. My goal for each family I work with is for them to feel thrilled with their birth experience!

When I'm not attending births I enjoy walking my dogs, kayaking, reading, gardening, wine tasting, and playing with my new grandson.
"If a doula were a drug, it would be unethical not to use one." 

 John H. Kennell, MD
Megan's three fantastic children!
Megan Van Aelst, CD(DONA)
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